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Class Descriptions


Have you always wanted to learn the mystery behind turning a draft?

In this class,  we will go through the steps for turning a draft, as well as discuss the reasons why weavers turn drafts. Participants will practice turning a draft, step-by-step. Participants should be comfortable with reading a draft and understand weaving draft components.

Level Recommended:

Adventurous Advanced Beginner,

Intermediate Weaver and Beyond

Summer and Winter is a joy to design, especially with its unit weave/multi-block potential. I will walk you through from the beginning, starting with the tied unit threading blocks. We'll examine the treadling options based on the 'styles' of Summer and Winter. We'll continue to build as we design unique drafts, and end up implementing polychrome into the mix!


Level Recommended:

Advanced Beginner and Beyond. 

Great for weavers who want to understand

how to design Summer and Winter using profile drafting.



It's easy to design your own eight shaft Huck Lace! We begin the class by reviewing the fundamentals of Huck Lace threading, tie up and treading. 

reviewing the fundamentals of Huck Lace threading, tie up and treadling. After a brief demonstration, you will use the provided materials to create your own pattern.


Level Recommended:

Advanced Beginner, Intermediate 

and Beyond. Great for experience weavers who want to revisit Huck Lace.​


Understanding block weaves is an essential tool for designing weaving drafts. 


I will explain profile drafts, and we will play with designing them using gridded diagrams. Block weave structures 'plug into' profile drafts. Once the weaver understands these concepts, design possibilities abound.

Level Recommended:

Adventurous Advanced Beginner,

Intermediate Weaver and Beyond

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